Hi, Beauty.

Every week, I send out my musings via email. These are my personal letters to you—a journal of sorts, some of my personal stories, photographs, a peek into my healthy living habits, recipes, etc. I share topics and inspiration on health and wellness and spiritual and life lessons that you can make your own, along with what’s new and happening at Intuitively Well. My hope is that these inspire you to live a vibrant, healthy life rooted in your own beauty and wisdom. I invite you to explore a sampling of my musings below.

Hi Beauty,

Here’s a simple reminder for today:


Do you know how many times we hold our breath in a day? It’s quite a bit if you start to pay attention.

Today, be mindful of if you’re continuously breathing or if you’re holding in. When you catch yourself holding your breath, exhale. Nice and long and slow.

Most of us don’t have trouble with inhaling. But a lot of us have trouble with letting go, releasing, and flowing.

I find that I hold my breath most when I’m working on my computer, on my phone, concentrating, or if I’m startled by a loud noise like honking or sirens. Notice your patterns and disrupt them.

It’s a wonderful way to bring some mindfulness to your day and relaxation to your body.


With love,