Where Women reconnect with the healing power of feminine energy

As a woman you’re hard-wired for healing, connection, and community. 

Yet, living in the technology-driven rush of modern culture means that you are likely disconnected from this energy and wisdom.

The outward pull of responsibilities and desires and dreams distracts you—and most women—from what lives within.

And that’s the innate need to process emotions, to create space for clarity, and to release what ultimately manifests dis-ease in the body.

Intuition. Sacredness. Divine energy.

The Women’s Healing and Wellness Circle is designed to give you and women like you the space to share, release, learn, support, and encourage each other.

It’s an opportunity to connect and recognize that how you feel, what you want, and what you struggle with is often the experience of women, collectively.

And it’s in that collective expression of truth that healing occurs, that your power returns, and that you connect with your superpower—your intuition.

It’s time to reflect, heal, and re-connect to your feminine energy—and realize that you are not alone. In fact, you are so incredibly supported.

Circles are held in-person in NYC and virtually via Zoom.

The Logistics

  • Monthly circles
  • 8-10 women
  • Includes: light movement, breathwork, meditations, visualizations, time to share and more

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