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You deserve to feel confident in your skin,

at peace in your body, and free to pursue the life experiences you crave most—and you can.

Arriving there, however, starts with something you likely haven’t done before: unraveling the knot of daily habits, limiting beliefs, and emotional debris that block your ability to truly heal.

Ready to clear the way for sweet relief and vibrance?

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The Founder of Intuitively Well:
Aarti Awatramani

Intuitive Health Coach & Shaman

Aarti Awatramani - The Founder of Intuitively Well - INTUITIVE HEALTH COACH & SHAMAN

Intuitive Health Coach & Shaman

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped women break free from the cloud of chronic health conditions, excess weight, hormonal imbalances, and more—to activate their personal power.

Because when a woman feels healthy, beautiful, and capable in her body, she lives more fully, loves more deeply, and connects completely with her intuition—her one true compass in life.

By unearthing the root cause of dis-ease and imbalance, and undergoing your own unique repair of mind, body, and spirit, you’ll discover that the key to your liberation has always lived within.

You just need the right guide—that’s me.

Reach a Heightened
State of Well-Being
& Beauty



Health Coaching Experience

A private coaching partnership designed to clear what’s blocking your body’s full healing power so that you can find relief from health issues, feel beautiful in your body, and discover exactly what you need to thrive.

Reach a Heightened State of Well-Being & Beauty


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