From feeling unwell to beautiful and on-purpose

I’m no stranger to feeling at odds with my body. In fact, from my teenage years to my 20’s, it was a daily struggle. 

From weight gain to acne and eczema to digestive issues and a PCOS diagnosis, I felt like a mess and wildly uncertain how to remedy it all.

Like most people, I initially relied on the guidance of traditional medicine, with doctors prescribing hormone birth control as the treatment plan.

But underneath the surface, I had this feeling there was another way. And why wasn’t my doctor looking into the underlying issue?

So, I decided to do my own research and learn everything I could about PCOS. And soon discovered that my diet was largely to blame.

I brought my findings to my doctor and asked for more guidance—and options—which prompted a beautiful introduction to someone who would initiate major changes my life—a health coach.

As I adjusted my diet, many of my symptoms started to subside. Excess weight disappeared. My skin improved. My painful PMS symptoms lessened. And for the first time in a long time, I started to feel beautiful.

The gratitude I felt for this initial stage of relief was massive. And I became deeply passionate about alternative modalities of healing.

As I explored acupuncture, energy work, and Rolfing, I found my symptoms lessening even more. Which gave me access to something unexpected and magical: my intuition.

This inner GPS led me to practitioners who would help deepen my healing journey even more and ultimately inspire my pursuit of a career in wellness. First as a Pilates instructor and then as a health coach.

While my health had greatly improved and I was on a path that felt more aligned with my truth, I found myself unable to shake a few lingering issues.

It was through working with the medical intuitive that I discovered something somewhat profound: my body wasn’t the enemy; it was simply trying to give me information and insight.

Signaling that something deeper needed healing and that I needed to honor my truth even more.

Through this work, I was able to see that the root of my symptoms was ultimately caused by unprocessed heartbreak, emotional wounds, painful moments from the past, and any source of misalignment in my life.

As I processed all of the above and made the necessary (and often challenging) changes of standing my ground, using my voice, and leaving behind what no longer served me in life, I found that my body grew more and more liberated—and more responsive to healthy choices, self-care, and more. I also became more and more connected to myself, my purpose, and my gifts.

Not only that, but my intuition grew stronger and stronger as I shed more and more debris. And I fortified a deep connection to myself, my purpose, and my gifts. While I didn’t realize it at the time, this was me activating my power.

A power that allowed me to fully sense the nudges I was receiving from within from my own soul and the spirit guides surrounding me. While it took me time to trust in these new sensations, I allowed them to lead me.

And through divine intervention, I found myself working with a shaman, deepening my healing journey. A process that ultimately revealed to me that I too was meant to become a shamanic practitioner.

And so, I did.

Today, I integrate my experience and extensive training in the realms of holistic health and deep healing to help women clear away the debris that blocks them from their fullest potential and feeling beautiful in their skin.

Through my private coaching and shamanic work, I invite women to peel back the layers of their physical dis-ease. First through proper nourishment and lifestyle adjustments, and then through the unearthing of the root cause of imbalance—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

My approach is both intuitive and strategic, practical and spiritual, and completely holistic in nature to ensure the whole woman is addressed and supported on her journey back to true wellness and true beauty—inside and out.

Aarti Awatramani - Intuitive Health Coach

Professional Bio

Aarti Awatramani is an Intuitive Health Coach, Shaman, and the founder of Intuitively Well, a platform devoted to liberating women from the cloud of chronic health conditions, excess weight, and hormonal imbalances that prevent them from living life rooted in their power and beauty.

Through the integration of mind, body, and spirit healing modalities, Aarti creates space for her clients to peel back the layers of their physical dis-ease. First through proper nourishment and lifestyle adjustments, and then through the unearthing of the root cause of imbalance.

She received her health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, her Pilates certification from the Kane School, and shamanism training through Ancientways Shamanic Training and Healing.