Hi Beauty,

This week has been beyond exhausting. And I have a whole new appreciation for people who work in kitchens.

I’ve spent a good part of this month taking classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Last week was a Vegan Baking Intensive and this week is a Healthy Cooking Intensive. The classes are fun and informative but also incredibly tiring.

I’m on my feet reading recipes, learning new techniques, prepping and laying out my mise en place, and generally running around the cooking classroom. As fun as it’s been, I quickly learned on day 2 of Vegan Baking that being in a kitchen all day is killing my body. I woke up with a stiff and achy lower back, tight hips, neck pain, and general overall soreness.

Eventually, by the end of the Baking Intensive, I was hobbling down the subway stairs because my knees had decided they had had enough too.

So this week, I knew better. Cue, Yamuna Foot Wakers!


I’ve been using these small, nubby domes twice a day and it’s made a world of a difference. I’m still exhausted by the end of my days but no longer sore, overly tight or in pain.

Now you may not be working in a kitchen, but if you…

…stand for long periods of time during the day

…pound the pavement in NYC (or in any walking city)

…wear heels

…have knee pain, hip pain, back pain

…want to prevent knee pain, hip pain, back pain

…have tight hamstrings

…have tight lower leg muscles


then you need to take care of your feet, because problems and tightness in the feet work themselves up into your body.

There are a number of ways you can take care of your feet, but my number one recommendation to clients is the Foot Wakers. They are an easy place to start and great to have in your home.

You don’t even need to really know the right way to use them. Just stand on them and move your feet around in different positions and areas and enjoy the release.

Until next time!