Hi Beauty,

Wow, I’m energized off of last night’s Women’s Circle. We had a great group of 7 and connecting with them was restorative.

So today, I felt I’d like to offer you something from last night’s circle.

The importance of honoring your unique creative blueprint.

You see, one of the things that women (and men) don’t realize is how much our spiritual, emotional, and creative selves affect our physical bodies.

How much of the wellness and good health we have is rooted in whether we are addressing our spiritual lessons, our emotional needs, and fulfilling our creative potential.

Last night specifically we focused on the wisdom of our (energetic) wombs to help us fulfill our creative potential.

Our wombs are our creative storehouse and we are constantly generating creative energy.

But when we don’t allow that creative energy to be expressed or fulfilled, we can often end up with physical issues like ovarian and uterine cysts and fibroids. (I’d even add PCOS and excess weight here)

We can also think in very literal terms when it comes to the womb. Creating another human is a creative act and that is one that many women are called to do. And most of us are aware of this.

But after that, then what? Or if that’s not what you feel called to do, then what?

So last night I led the women in an intuitive exercise to tap into their unique creative blueprint.

Why unique creative blueprint?

Because as women we have certain creative impulses that are very much unique to us and our purpose.

So instead of using our heads—where sometimes we pursue things we think we should—it’s best to go to the source and see what kind of creative energy wants to come forth.

You might be surprised by the answer. Or you might get some guidance on where to start.

Last night I got two recommendations on what I need to do creatively.

One was obvious to me. But the other was like what?!

But I’m going to pursue it, because that’s what my own unique creative blueprint says.

Now dear Beauty, I can’t really teach you the exercise here.

But I can leave you with this—begin holding an intention to allow your unique creative impulses to come forth. Practice holding this intention daily. Then stay open and receptive and you may just begin to get nudges here and there that guide you to fulfill your creative potential.

With love,


P.S. If you’re curious as to what I got, the obvious answer was cook more and try out new recipes and the what?! answer was to take coding classes.