Forgive for Love

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Forgive for Love

Do you want to know the secret to a happy and lasting relationship?

A true commitment to stay in relationship for the good and bad requires a desire to stay and also to forgive.

Enjoy a richly connected, transformative, and insightful week at Esalen with Fred Luskin and Carley Hauck.

Dates- July 13-18th, 2014

Forgive for Love

The Forgive for Love workshop is designed for anyone with an unresolved relationship issue or struggle. A relationship is any two people who have a history together ( Parent-child, siblings, married or divorced parents, or intimate or business partners). This workshop is for those who want to create a future with improved communication and connection. This workshop will be interactive and experiential. You will spend some of your time, alone,some time in dyads and some time working in small groups. You will learn the skills of mindfulness applied to communication, feelings and conflict resolution. There will be emphasis placed on accurate expression of feeling leading to healthy assertion and resolution. Additionally, the practices of forgiveness, gratitude and compassion will create an emerging sense of connection and loving communication that you can bring to your relationship. Settle into a week of retreat in which your purpose is to tune into what is happening inside of you. This workshop is for those who wish to come with a partner and those who choose to come without their partner.

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Instructor Bios

Fred Luskin – Dr Luskin is a Senior Consultant in Wellness at Stanford University as well as the Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects. He is the author of Forgive for Good, Forgive for Love and Stress Free for Good all published by Harper One.

Carley Hauck, MA – Carley is the Founder of Intuitive Wellness and works as an integrative life coach, teacher, and wellness consultant with individuals and organizations. She holds a Masters Degree in health psychology and has professional backgrounds in yoga, meditation, coaching, nutrition, and research. She has had a longstanding meditation practice and is a graduate of Spirit Rocks Dedicated Practitioners Program. She teaches on the subjects of happiness, the power of habit and intuitive eating, and food as medicine at Stanford University

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