Well Being @ Work

Create a culture of resilience and well-being at work.


You know how it can be. Frantic. Stressful. Pressure to produce. Demanding deadlines. Difficult co-workers. The result: anxiety, short tempers and an unhealthy workplace.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Take a breath. Reassess. Stretch. Breathe again. That’s better.

When you bring well being into the workplace you alter the atmosphere. You create ease where there was tension. You boost productivity, cultivate self awareness, maximize effectiveness, increase creativity, enhance teamwork and foster healthy relationships. It’s a win-win.

Intuitive Wellness offers corporate consulting for well being at work. With our targeted program design and scalable initiatives both in-person and online, we restore workplace health, happiness, and productivity. We create unique scientific evidence based programs and sustainable well being initiatives tailored to your workplace needs, goals, and culture.  We help organizations flourish with real results and long-term change.  

All programs designed by Intuitive Wellness are built on a firm foundation of scientific evidence-based research. Carley Hauck, MA, founder of Intuitive Wellness, has more than 15 years of sustained study and expertise in mindfulness, integrative medicine, and behavior change. As a corporate consultant, executive life coach, researcher, and health educator, she has created well being programs for Linkedin, Guckenheimer, Virtua, Bank of the West, Aruba Networks, and many more.


Corporate Well-Being Services

  • Integrative program design
  • Mindful & well being seminars & courses onsite and online
  • Assessment & evaluation
  • Integrative Life Coaching
  • Marketing & communications
  • Sustainable & scalable change


Onsite and Online Courses

Conscious Communication 

Conscious Communication is being aware, open, listening and responding with authenticity and compassion at home and work.   Good communication skills is the number one quality that makes an executive promotable.  It ranks above ambition, intelligence, and hard work.  The course topics include:  the art of listening, communicating healthy boundaries, how to navigate difficult conversations, lead with heart, & giving and receiving feedback.   The facilitated groups, role playing, and coaching increase teamwork and emotional intelligence at work.  This program can be supplemented with group and/or individual coaching for maintenance of these practices.

Mindful Nourishment

Mindful Nourishment is an evidence based course taught in worksites, at Stanford University Center for Integrative Medicine, and offered in an online format.  The course teaches the foundations of mindfulness for healthy nutrition, happiness & well being at work and home.  Topics include mindfulness of eating, look for the good, food as medicine, mindful relationships, turn emotional upset into acceptance, and many more.  The facilitated groups, individual coaching, handouts, mindfulness audios, and community support help participants to develop skills for deep growth and change.  Participants leave with the tools to live a fully nourished life.


The Flourish program teaches evidence based practices to flourish with all the ups and downs of life in and outside of work.  Topics include positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuro-plasticity, effective decision making, authenticity, emotional resiliency, & compassionate leading.  The facilitated groups, individual coaching, handouts,  audios, and community support help to establish a sustainable practice for daily life and maximum flourishing.

Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats can help companies develop more competency in health practices, personal and professional development, communication, and problem solving.  The benefit of a retreat allows companies to bond with their fellow co-workers and employees outside of the typical work-day. It also gives employees a chance for extended practice in various wellness, mindfulness, and team building skills. This time for reflection and practice allows one to more fully integrate these new healthy behaviors and ways of being into their lives.

  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Weekend Retreats