Corporate Wellness

Incorporate wellness in the workplace.


You know how it can be. Frantic. Stressful. Pressure to produce. Demanding deadlines. Difficult co-workers. The result: anxiety, short tempers and an unhealthy workplace.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Take a breath. Reassess. Stretch. Breathe again. That’s better.

When you bring mindfulness into the workplace you alter the atmosphere. You create ease where there was tension. You boost productivity, maximize effectiveness, increase creativity, enhance teamwork and foster healthy relationships. It’s a win-win.

Intuitive Wellness creates customized workplace wellness programs with the organization’s culture and needs in mind.  Our strength is in creating year long comprehensive mindfulness based wellness programs that incorporate assessment, evaluation and fun and engaging educational offerings and initiatives.  Each program – whether a class series, workshop, team-building competition or health-incentive campaign – is designed to encourage work-life balance and healthy sustainable behavior change.

All programs designed by Intuitive Wellness are built on a firm foundation of evidence-based research. Carley Hauck, MA, founder of Intuitive Wellness, has more than 13 years of sustained study and expertise in mindfulness and behavior change. As a corporate consultant and health educator, she has created wellness programs for Club One Inc., Linkedin, Pixar, Littler Mendelson, Virtua, Hopelab, and many more.

Corporate Wellness Services

  • Assessing organizational health and wellness needs
  • Designing curricula and programs to meet those needs
  • Encouraging employee engagement and participation
  • Coaching both individuals and employee teams to meet their goals
  • On-site wellness services (massage, team building events, yoga, bootcamps, etc.)
  • Evaluative measures and results for sustainable long term change

Corporate Wellness Programs


Mindful Communication 

The Mindful Communication program teaches one the art of mindful listening and speech.  Good communication skills is the number one quality that makes an executive promotable.  It ranks above ambition, intelligence, and hard work.  The class topics include:  conflict resolution, concentration and focus, the art of persuasion, learn how to speak with confidence about anything, mindfulness foundations, compassionate communication, and creating a sustainable practice.  The facilitated groups, role playing, and coaching increase teamwork and emotional intelligence at work.

Mindfully Nourished 

Mindfully Nourished is an online course that is open to the general public, taught in worksites, and also at Stanford University Center for Integrative Medicine.  The course teaches the foundations of mindfulness for healthy nutrition and well being at work and at home.  The class topics integrate evidence based practices with easy applications for daily life.  Topics include mindfulness of eating, look for the good, food as medicine, mindful relationships, stress resiliency, and many more.  The facilitated groups, individual coaching, handouts, mindfulness audios, and community support help participants to develop skills for deep growth and change.  Participants leave with transformative changes aligned with living a fully nourished life.

Peer wellness coaching 

This five-hour training (in one-hour blocks) is designed for the busy professional. Participants practice the fundamentals of wellness coaching, engage in small group discussions and interactive exercises. Peer Wellness Coaching enhances communication skills, creates support for long-term healthy behavior and encourages employees to take personal responsibility for their own health.

Health improvement seminars

One-to-two hours long, these seminars span a variety of topics including healthy nutrition, insight to action, mindfulness foundations for daily life, food as medicine, expressing emotions in the workplace, the power of habit, how to increase your stress resiliency, how to have difficult conversations and more.

Corporate wellness retreats

Corporate wellness retreats can be scheduled for a half day, full day or longer.  Retreats emphasize teaching core foundations in mindfulness, health, effective communication, team building and leadership. Our classes create a real foundation for insight and change and are customized for each group so that all participants feel welcome, safe and inspired.