Life Coaching

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Balanced Change

Are you looking to transform your life?

Are you tired of being caught in self-destructive patterns?

Are you hoping for real change?

If so, I am interested in collaborating with you to create the life you want. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your intentions easily and with focus.  

I work as an integrative life coach where I blend my backgrounds in psychotherapy, coaching, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, and fitness to create a holistic approach to personal growth and transformation.  I observe my clients accomplishing profound change on a daily basis.  My clients and I work as a team where we both invest to ensure your success and growth.  You can think of me as your very own “change cheerleader.”

My treatment approaches include evidence-based techniques in neuroscience, mindfulness, attachment, and nutrition. I hold certifications in mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), mindfulness based eating awareness (MB EAT), coaching, yoga, guided imagery, and the Gottman Method for cultivating healthy and loving relationships.

I have had a long standing love affair with research and have consulted on several research studies observing the long term benefits of mindfulness as it relates to eating, stress reduction, weight loss, and the prevention of Type 2 diabetes.  As a coach, I am innately a teacher and have developed classes and curriculum on numerous health and wellness topics.  I currently teach on the subjects of Happiness, Food as Medicine, the Power of Habit, and Intuitive Eating at Stanford University.

The cultivation of self awareness I feel is the most important tool for real change to occur.  With awareness, we can see our patterns, conditions, what is working and what is not serving us.   I have been meditating and studying the dharma for a decade and it has made my life exponentially better.  I am a graduate of Spirit Rocks two year Dedicated Practitioners Program.  I weave appropriate meditation practices and mindfulness into each session with my clients.

I specialize in helping people who feel stuck find new ways to overcome their obstacles. I find that based on my diverse background, I can support people in the full catastrophe of life.  I tend to have clients who want to focus on a few life issues at the same time.  These include health, relationships, career, work life balance and/or loss.  I help my clients to better understand themselves and their potential so that they can use their own abilities and skills in more beneficial ways and therefore experience more fulfilling lives and satisfying relationships.

I specialize in the following areas:

Women’s Health

Cancer Healing

Eating Disorders

Weight Loss and Health

Relationship Coaching

Couples Coaching

Cultivating Resilience

Young Professionals/College Students

A good match between a practitioner and client is one of the most important features of effective coaching.  My style is warm, interactive, compassionate, and assertive.  It is my belief that each client has within them the knowledge and power to heal and grow.  My role is to help facilitate the discovery with resources, support, and tools.

I offer FREE 20-30 minute consultations via phone and/or in person so that you can assess if we are the right fit.  I see clients in my San Francisco and Oakland offices.

I look forward to supporting you on your path in health, greater awareness, and compassionate change.