About Us

Intuitive Wellness: Nurturing a healthy you

Intuitive Wellness, an integrated wellness practice serving individuals, organizations and the community, is founded on the premise that mindfulness is the first step to wellness.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Intuitive Wellness offers health and wellness training and services for corporations and organizations; professional life coaching for individuals; supportive and engaging community programs; and Savor Your Life mindfulness and yoga retreats that blend the relaxation of a resort with deep learning, health, and play.


All programs and services at Intuitive Wellness help clients:

  • Cultivate the whole person. All our programs encourage intellectual, emotional and somatic intelligence.
  • Promote self-awareness. Self-observation and self-awareness are the foundations for cultivating wisdom, creating opportunities, and establishing skillful behavior.
  • Develop new behaviors. Adopt new behaviors through applied practice in real time, on the job, and in life.
  • Develop communities of support. We build communities of support by encouraging authentic relationships and teaching peer coaching skills.  These include listening, observing, problem solving, and giving and receiving feedback.
  • Develop lasting change. Personal development is like planting a seed and watching it grow. Our programs ensure that growth and learning bloom in sustainable ways.


Founded in 2010 by wellness educator Carley Hauck, MA, the integrated programs at Intuitive Wellness are built on a foundation of evidence-based academic and medical research. Bottom line, they work.